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Arcade Rules

We strictly enforce all rules!

- Anyone entering the arcade that is over the age of 3 is required to pay admission REGARDLESS of whether or not you play, sit in the eating area, etc. Absolutely no exceptions will be made.
 Absolutely No outside food or drink permitted.
- We don't
YET have a rule about dropping off your children. That being said, employees are NOT available to watch children, they need to focus on the games and counters. Leaving your child is at your own risk! If they misbehave, they will be asked to leave.
- If you are caught with alcohol on premises, you will be escorted off the property without a refund.
- Guests that disrespect, kick, punch, or otherwise abuse the machines will be asked to leave without refund. If it continues to happen across multiple visits, you will be banned from the arcade. 
- No Smoking or vaping inside the arcade or right outside the door. Please leave space for guests to enter.
- Please use tables and cup holders for your snacks and drinks and refrain from putting them on the games.
- Many of these games are antiques and are 30-60+ years old. Even in newer games things like constantly hitting flipper buttons, throwing the bowling ball from high up, climbing on the machines, spilling drinks in the machines, and hanging on controls can break the games. Please refrain from doing any of these things that can damage the games.

******* We ask that if you find a game is acting up or not working right, please let us know so we can fix it. *******

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